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Silent Night

By Emily Pigott | December 7, 2021

205 years ago, Joseph Mohr, a young priest from Austria, first penned the now famous song “Silent Night”. He, and those he pastored, had undergone extreme violence because of the…

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What If

By Emily Pigott | February 16, 2021

In the early morning hours of April 15, 1912, the luxury British steamship called the Titanic began to sink. On April 14, they received six, yes six, warnings of sea ice and yet their captain still ordered their speed to be set at a staggering 22 knots. It was this speed that prevented them from being able […]

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Be Secretly Incredible

By Emily Pigott | January 27, 2021

At the beginning of the movie The Incredibles, we see the star of the show, Mr. Incredible himself dressed in a ho-hum outfit, driving a car that is way too small for him, while coming home from a job that he does not like. All superhero activity has been banned by the government, so he and […]

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The Freedom of Obedience

By Emily Pigott | October 20, 2020

  Trust and obey. There is no other way – to be happy in Jesus – than to trust and obey.      I’m sure these lyrics are not familiar to many because they’re from a hymn that is rarely, if ever, still sung in churches today. But I know them well because I remember hearing my grandmother […]

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A Matter of Perspective

By Emily Pigott | September 10, 2020

On April 17, 1999 a brand-new song hit the music scene, and though it had very simple lyrics, it became an instant hit and was one of two songs that propelled a country music star on a comeback trajectory. The song is simply titled, The Greatest, and tells the story of a young boy that […]

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Don’t Leave Your Band Behind

By Emily Pigott | August 11, 2020

Nothing beats a great concert! There is something special about the sights and sounds of a live event. Being someone who isn’t musical at all, I am always fascinated by how a group of different people with different giftings, can come together, write some notes on a page, put a beat to it and somehow pure […]

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Between the Bookends

By Emily Pigott | May 5, 2020

A seasoned artist stands over a machine, spinning a coarse block of wood so fast that the color and original shape can’t clearly be seen.  Cutting tools of all varieties – chisels, knives, scoring tools – are used to bring definition.  It’s a process called lathing and the start to finish journey is astounding. As the wood […]

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A Guide to Standing Resolute in a Time of Uncertainty

By Emily Pigott | March 31, 2020

A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO NAVIGATING COVID-19… after you have followed all the official protocols      A Guide to a Standing Resolute in a Time of Uncertainty   In our series, A Practical Guide to Navigating Covid-19, we have explored how to effectively manage our time now that online learning is a reality as well […]

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Hold the Rope

By Emily Pigott | October 29, 2019

An all-time favorite game in any youth setting is a good old-fashioned tug of war competition. Aspiring winners line up on both sides and take the rough rope firmly in their hands. They begin to position themselves for the strategic “leverage spot”, often digging their feet deep into the ground. Almost immediately, the rope becomes taut as both […]

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