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Our Partnership

Today's students are filled with more potential than ever but keeping them engaged, focused and willing to maximize their opportunities can be challenging.  Student Leadership University exists to serve students and the leaders that are serving them.  We link arms with educators and ministry leaders, providing intentional training focused on giving resources that will enable them to effectively equip students to lead in their schools and ministries. Our goal is to awaken a vision inside of students that is so compelling that they just might dedicate most of their life to chasing it.

Three ways Student Leadership University can partner with schools and student ministries:

  • SLU 101-401 Journey*
  • The School of Leadership
  • Professional Development Opportunities*

*CEU's are available.


Professional Development Opportunities

Student Leadership Development Program - Creating an educational environment that engages and inspires today’s students is challenging. Moving students from apathy to action and helping them not only realize their incredible potential but actually exceed expectations is possible. We just need to have a plan. In this professional development opportunity, educators and student ministry leaders will discover how they can create an environment that enables their students to lead in a way that counters culture and inspires others to do the same. They will learn how they play a vital role in rising up an army of students that value leadership and are willing to step out of the cultural norm and lead this generation. Customized and specific training is available for organizations that desire a Student Leadership Development plan tailored specifically for their campus.  SLU  will personally create a plan for each organization, train the staff on how to implement the plan, and provide mentorship as leaders prepare to implement a Student Leadership Development program on their campus.

Developing a Leadership Culture - Leadership...more and more students crave it but fewer and fewer are prepared for it. A mask of task-oriented leadership has mistakenly taken front stage and the results have been devastating as students (and adults) have fizzled out at an alarming rate. True leadership requires critical thinking muscles to flex and develop and is easier to implement than we think.  Through this professional development opportunity, we will discover the secret of moving from task/program-oriented leadership to leadership transformation as we uncover multiple strategies to develop a leadership culture in your organization.

New Times, New Techniques - This generation is within reach...we just have to know how to do it! Gone are the days when students file quietly into a room and sit neatly in rows, eager and ready for the instructor to give them knowledge. Our job as educators is to inspire students to own their own education and future. No matter the challenges, it cannot be argued that today's generation has the greatest potential we have seen. Through this professional development opportunity, educators will be provided methods and strategies that will reengage this incredible generation and inspire them to reach their fullest potential.

DISC - Have you ever wondered why we gravitate towards certain types of people while others easily get under our skin? Is there a reason why some students are easier to love, while others make us question our calling? Each of us has a distinct style, a certain way of expressing ourselves and interpreting our world. The DISC profile is one of the world’s most enduring assessments. DISC measures observable behavior – not personality. Research has proven that people tend to behave in similar ways which can be grouped into four common patterns. If we truly understood how these four different styles function, communication and cooperation would be easy. This professional development opportunity is provided by a DISC-certified leader and will equip educators and student ministry leaders to discover the secret to helping your community serve together in unity.

Create Your Own Experience - With 20+ years of educational experience, SLU has partnered with schools and educators across the nation to craft and create professional development opportunities uniquely designed for the specific needs of the educational environment, and we can do the same for your organization. Contact our team to schedule a vision casting meeting to create a specialized training unique to the mission and vision of your organization.

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