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School of Leadership

The School of Leadership is a ministry of Student Leadership University and provides educators and student leaders with a comprehensive leadership training program that can be implemented into any environment. In-depth leadership training is provided through eight engaging semester-long courses that equip students to develop strong and lasting leadership skills that will allow them to lead with intentionality and purpose. 

This curriculum is designed to create a tried and true blueprint of what is required of those that desire to lead.  It’s for those that look at the state of the world and refuse to settle for the way things are. Those that are determined to leave the world better than they found it, not for praise or glory for themselves, but because God requires us to be good stewards of the gifts He has given us.

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Wander Box

At SLU we seek to help a generation wander well and tell a different kind of story with their lives, one that has redemption as the theme and the Redeemer as the central figure. This is why SLU is proud to announce the Wander box, a quarterly resource designed to help you journey well while walking the road less traveled. Each box will have a different theme related to making the most of the moments God has given each of us and will contain 7-8 items that are centered around the theme and put our focus on three key ingredients:

  1. An idea to ponder
  2. An activity to initiate
  3. A practice to embrace
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