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For over a decade, SLU’s Vice President Brent Crowe has dedicated countless hours and effort into creating written works of Biblical wisdom that have captivated the hearts and imaginations of readers all over the world. And now he is turning his focus to you, our SLU Community of Alumni, Student Pastors and Volunteers and Educators,  in this unique endeavor called the Wander Box.  This tool is meant to help you as you journey well through this world.  Books and resources crafted by Brent Crowe Ph.D. will be send directly to you containing the things he’s learned through the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter on four key topics.

What’s Included in The Wander Box Membership:

  • Four seasons a year you receive a box at your door with a book and resources written for the Wander Box Community – those sojourners committed to living out their time well. This content will not be available anywhere else. These boxes follow the path of the seasons, uniquely designed to be able to discuss the topics listed below in real time.
  • 100,000 words a year written by Brent for SLU Alumni who want to dive deeper on the topics of Spiritual Formation, HistoryEthics, and Leadership.
  • Two digital resources included in each box to help you process and apply each topic.
  • Annual zoom calls with Brent and other SLU Lead Team members to discuss topics explored each season.

Vision Behind The Wander Box

The Hebrews called this world ‘the land of sojourning’. The Psalmist would say “Happy are the people whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage” (Ps. 84:5). We are taught in Scripture that the ancestors of our faith wandered to their homeland, a city God had prepared for them. In the New Testament Paul describes his life as a race and compares is death to a solider being honorably discharged to go home. Viewing this life as a pilgrimage towards the heaven country is a paradigm we see all throughout the Bible.

If following Jesus is a journey then the question every Christian should ask is, “how do I wander well with my time?” Student Leadership University is seeking to help people answer that question through ‘The Wander Box’. The Wander Box is a subscription box that is designed to help Christians wander every day with sacred purpose and intentionality. Through your subscription you will receive four boxes a year, each containing a book and exclusive resources. Each book is written by Brent Crowe PhD and this content is only available through The Wander Box subscription. The four boxes will follow four themes following the natural rhythms of the seasons:

The specific topics covered each season are timely and specifically chosen to help the believer wander well.





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