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Apply to be an SLU Ambassador by August 25, 2023

Your Instagram is nothing but pictures from Sea World, Washington, D.C., Europe, and The Holy Land; your desk is plastered with quotes from your favorite SLU speakers; you can’t stop telling all your friends about the amazing summer you had at SLU. You know the impact SLU had on your life and now we are giving you a chance to join our inner circle as an SLU Student Ambassador.

As a member of our Student Ambassador team, you will be given unique opportunities to become more involved with SLU throughout the year as you tell your SLU story -- and get some great rewards in the process. We will provide you with all the resources you need to spread the word, plus incentives like exclusive opportunities, program discounts, and SLU swag!

The Student Ambassador program is open to students and alumni passionate about SLU, leadership, and their faith. To qualify, you must have completed at least SLU 201 and maintain an active Christian faith.

Join our inner circle and give your friends a chance to have the best summer of their lives!

Deadline to submit applications: August 25, 2023.


Who can apply to be a Student Ambassador?

Any student or alumnus who has completed at least SLU 201 may apply for the program. We are seeking students who were impacted by their experience, who believe in the benefits of SLU, and who are passionate about sharing it with others.

When will Student Ambassadors be selected?

We select Student Ambassadors at the beginning of each school year. 

What are the requirements for Student Ambassadors?

Aside from actively spreading the word about SLU online and through personal relationships, ambassadors will be asked to assist with key initiatives throughout the year, including:

  • Providing a quote/testimonial for use in marketing materials.
  • Promote SLU events and resources through your personal social media and to your church and school communities.
  • Serving at SLU events when possible.
  • Participate in provided professional development opportunities such as book studies, video calls and more.
How long is my commitment?

We ask for a one-year commitment from all ambassadors, with the option to continue on past a year.

What's in it for me?

Not only does being a Student Ambassador let you stay involved and connected with SLU throughout the year, but we will hook you up with some great rewards, exclusive opportunities -- and free stuff! Incentives include:

  • $150 off your next level of SLU.
  • Early access opportunities for event registration, book pre-releases, music releases, etc.
  • SLU fame, as you may be featured on our social media profiles.
  • Other great surprises throughout the year-whenever a unique opportunity arises, you'll be the first one we call!

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