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Presented by Student Leadership University

The LIFT Tour

A world-class weekend experience that challenges students at all points in
their spiritual walks to embrace a Christ-centered lifestyle.

Speakers & Artists

Brent Crowe

Vice President of SLU

Jeff Wallace, Ph.D.

Chief Strategic Officer of SLU

Ryan McDermott

Director of Students & Young Adults at Christ Fellowship Church

DA Horton

Speaker and Author

Eugene Cho

President of Bread for the World/Visionary of One Day's Wages

David Nasser

Pastor, Author, Speaker

Derwin L. Gray

Lead Pastor of Transformation Church

Shane Pruitt

National Next Gen Director for the North American Mission Board (NAMB)


Hip Hop Artist

Social Club Misfits

Hip Hop Artists

Jared Hall

Illusionist, Comedian and Communicator

Drew Worsham

Lead Pastor of The Rim Church in San Antonio, TX

El Vow

DJ and Artist

DJ Morph

DJ and Artist

Bethany Barr Phillips

Worship Leader

Liberty Worship Collective

Worship Leaders

Jimmy McNeal

Worship Leader

Judd Harris

Worship Leader

Chad Poe

Teaching Pastor at Grace Bible Church

Andrew Stanley



The LIFT Tour

The LIFT Tour is a two-day weekend experience for middle and high school students. It is designed to intentionally create an environment where students can ENGAGE scripture through biblical teaching, EXALT Christ through true and genuine worship, and be EQUIPPED with the necessary tools needed to be salt and light for their generation.

Tuscaloosa, AL

Murfreesboro, TN

Brookhaven, MS

Birmingham, AL

Orlando, FL

Pensacola, FL

Little Rock, AR

Northern California

Dallas, TX

Augusta, GA

Gwinnett County, GA

McDonough, GA

Chattanooga, TN

Southern California

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The LIFT Tour 2024 Theme "I N V E R S E"

Historically, Jesus, the Messiah, has been one of the most interesting and intriguing people to have ever lived, not just because of His divinity but also because of how He lived and what He said. Whether or not you are a Christian, you must admit that His life is captivating. The words He spoke, the stories He told, and His polarizing effect on culture and people made Him one of the most fascinating people ever to live. Most notably, throughout His ministry, Jesus made some shocking claims that were challenging, controversial, and counter cultural. That’s what made His teachings so inverted from the teachings of the day…they were contrary to the cultural norms. When talking about Jesus, we often focus on the grace and the love that Jesus showed others; however, that’s only one side of Jesus. Jesus also said many things that shocked people and caught them off guard. So much so, even Jesus' disciples, in John 6:60 (CSB), struggled with some of Jesus’ teachings: “Therefore, when many of His disciples heard this, they said, ‘This teaching is hard. Who can accept it?” And, if we are honest, this question is still being considered today… Who can or will accept Jesus’ teachings?


Our theme for The LIFT Tour 2024 is I N V E R S E. Inverse (n) simply means, “something that is the opposite or reverse of something else.” When Jesus spoke, His teachings were the inverse of what culture was and is saying. It was the opposite of what we would assume to be true. This year we will explore some of the most challenging and controversial teachings of Jesus. One of the most common truths that have regularly been applied to the person of Jesus is the fact that He comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable. Yes, Jesus said and demonstrated the most loving, accepting, and grace-filled things. However, He also said some of the most complicated truths that even perplexed the people who knew Him best. Why? Because Jesus taught both grace AND truth! So, if we want to have the power to truly change our lives and this world, learning how to navigate the tensions between Jesus’ teachings on grace and truth is essential.

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At the LIFT Tour, students will have an opportunity to hear from some of the best speakers, authors, artist and entertainers, DJs, and worship teams. What sets the LIFT Tour apart from many of the any other Christian tours or weekend youth events like it, is the intentionality of giving a clear and compelling gospel invitation in every city. The LIFT Tour is a weekend full of living-changing discipleship, evangelism, and FUN!!

The LIFT Tour is presented by Student Leadership University

The LIFT Tour is one of three arms of Student Leadership University, along with the Youth Pastor Summit. Collectively, these conferences are designed to help Christians deepen their faith and equip them to impact the world.

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Student Leadership University provides opportunities for young believers to develop into capable, confident leaders that will change the world. We teach the next generation to Think, Dream, and Lead.

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Youth Pastor Summit is provided as a gift to youth pastors, youth workers, youth volunteers, and educators as an encouragement and investment in those who are making a lasting impact in the lives of students.

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