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DJ Morph

DJ and Artist

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As a culture, hip hop has always thrived on originality, deeming it, truth be told, its most notable attribute. Since the 1970’s, it’s been understood that, when it comes to self expression, holding fast to ones identity is key. Translation: no one likes a biter. DJ’ing, the most foundational element of hip hop is, arguably, quite essential to the advancement of the genre. This is, in large part, how the DJ communicates; he scratches, he mixes together thuds and echoes and reverberations to form a composition. This is his language, his contribution to the mess that is the music pot.

For over a decade, DJ Morph has remained a staple in the EDM/Hip Hop genre, commonly regarded as one of the premier DJ’s/producers of our market. With five nationally distributed albums, a Dove award nomination, Movie soundtrack placements, extensive travels both nationally and internationally with artists such as Funky, Trip Lee, KJ-52, Hawk Nelson, Derek Minor, Propaganda and many more, DJ Morph has shown no signs of slowing down. His stylistic approach to music ministry has made him one of the most sought after DJ’s. One can attribute DJ Morph’s success not only to unquestionable work ethic, but also to the deep sense of purpose he lends to his craft. Having toured across Latin America, Europe, and Asia several times over, DJ Morph has been privileged to communicate his passion for God and for his artistry with thousands, inspiring the young and the old alike to live with a purpose worthy of their God-given potential. His global mindset is what made his album release, International, the breakaway success that it was. Hailed by as, “amazing on so many fronts”, International brought together artists from all over the country, using imaginative, commercially accessible production and top notch lyricism to urge the listener toward global sensitivity in relation to evangelism.

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