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Don’t Leave Your Band Behind

Nothing beats a great concert! There is something special about the sights and sounds of a live event. Being someone who isn’t musical at all, I am always fascinated by how a group of different people with different giftings, can come together, write some notes on a page, put a beat to it and somehow pure magic results. When you get all the right people together, the end result can be breathtaking. The lead singer, the drummer, the bass and electric guitar players, the keyboard artist…together, each with very different talents, combine to make an incredible sound. 

If I asked you to shout out your favorite band, I bet you could do so without much thought. Then, if I asked you to name a band that was amazing but lost their influence because the lead singer left the band to go out on their own, I bet you could do that, too. 

Why would a lead singer leave their band? Oftentimes, they leave because they believe that they can gain more success, more notoriety, more popularity if they went out on their own.  They love their band but think that flying solo will be more productive, and so they venture out, on their own. The now lone leader loses their influence, loses their ability to engage people, all because they left their band behind.  

As we look forward to the fall season and returning to school, college or your profession, remember your band.  This summer has brought more isolation than is healthy, and the need to get the band back together again is paramount. You were not meant to be the lead singer that goes out on their own. You were meant to be a member of the band, a part of a community of believers that will support and cheer one another on. 

So, as we look ahead, here are a few ways to “get the band back together again”. 

Name your band  Not literally, unless you want to. In other words, identify the group that you will do life with – those that will encourage, equip, challenge and champion you along. Look for “band” members that have diverse talents and abilities and celebrate that diversity as you serve Jesus together.

Keep the beat – Have you ever noticed how an offbeat song makes the listener uncomfortable? Such is the case with our lives when we get offbeat.  Make sure you set up an accountability system with the members of your band and give each other permission to call one another out if someone gets offbeat.  In other words, if your walk with Jesus becomes scattered or inconsistent, be open to your band members holding you accountable. 

Celebrate the song – Music is powerful and there are few things that are better than the sound of a perfectly crafted song, each instrument, perfectly in tune, the lead singer carrying the perfect pitch. When you have your band together, don’t forget to celebrate the journey.  Life looks different now, but we can still sing a beautiful song.

It’s time to get the band back together and get back on the road. This fall will look different. Things have changed. But the song of the redeemed remains the same. No matter what comes your way, remain steadfast, and don’t leave your band behind. 

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