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Between the Bookends

A seasoned artist stands over a machine, spinning a coarse block of wood so fast that the color and original shape can’t clearly be seen.  Cutting tools of all varieties – chisels, knives, scoring tools – are used to bring definition.  It’s a process called lathing and the start to finish journey is astounding. As the wood chips fly, often hitting the artist in the face, one can see a gradual shape emerging.  More pressure, more cutting, more defining and then finally the artist steps back. What once was an unsightly block of wood is now a beautiful work of art. 

Creating takes time, patience and a good dose of tenacity.  Such is the journey of life. Circumstances in life often function similarly to lathing tools.  If we allow the Artist to have His way, we are chiseled and shaped into beautiful works of art that can serve a higher purpose.

Let me give you an example. The year was 2001 when 4 million children were born in the United States.  4 million people would start their journey in a year that would forever be defined by the events surrounding the attack on our country on September 11, 2001.  These 4 million children have grown into incredible young men and women, all who now faced a second defining moment when their senior year was riddled with yet another event that would forever define, not just our country, but our world. 

Chiseled, shaped, defined.

Bookended by events that changed the landscape of the world, this group of men and women now move their tassels and are ready to venture out on their next adventure.  

The moments between the bookends have prepared them, equipped them and enabled them for such a time as this. Between the bookends, there were God-crafted moments put in place just for them. Between the bookends, they became destined for purpose and God’s favor has been upon them.  His presence has gone before them, has been behind them, beside them and all around them. 

And as a result of the chiseling, shaping, defining and sculpting, the incredible class of 2020 won’t just have a career, they will have a calling.  They won’t allow passivity to rule the day but will instead tackle every day with zeal and fervor.  When they get knocked down, they will rise again.  

Class of 2020, the bookends are behind you now; ahead is a canvas that is waiting for your dreams to be splashed upon it. You were prepared for such a time as this!

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