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Emily Pigott

Director of The School of Leadership


Emily serves as the Director of The School of Leadership and works closely with youth leaders, educators and students as they navigate through their leadership development journey. She holds the firm belief that this generation is more than capable of greatly impacting our culture for Jesus and has seen firsthand what can be accomplished when a young person fully understands their abilities and worth.

Emily is passionate about equipping educators and student leaders to utilize culturally relevant and impactful strategies that will enable them to effectively reach and connect with this generation of learners. She completely believes that today’s students are full of potential and are the greatest generation we have ever seen. Inspiring these students to own their education, their leadership journey and their future is something that Emily strives to do, realizing that if we move them from apathy to action then there will be no limits on what they can accomplish for the glory of God.

Emily earned a Master of Education degree in Teaching and Learning from Southeastern University and, prior to her time at SLU, spent 20 years working with students in the role of high school principal, teacher and Director of Student Leadership Academy. She has recently co-authored with Brent Crowe, SLU’s newest resource, the School of Leadership Curriculum, an eight course study of the components required of those that desire to lead in a way that will change the world. Emily has been married to the love of her life, Gene, for over 29 years, and they have two amazing boys, Joshua and Jacob.  They love taking adventures together as a family and can often be found hiking in the mountains somewhere or reading the latest leadership book.

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