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Leadership Allergies: Part 1

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | August 27, 2019

It’s been said many times in many different ways, leaders have the ability to envision what could and should be, and then take the necessary steps for that vision to become reality. In other words:    the kind that doesn’t settle for “good enough”   the approach that believes no obstacle is too big   the […]

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You + 10= ____

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | August 20, 2019

My brother just crossed the Rubicon called your 40th birthday (sorry to rat you out bro but dang you are getting old)! Anyways, his wife asked those closest to him to write a letter that she would then present to him on the big day. I decided to write mine from the perspective of what I hope […]

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By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | August 14, 2019

An open plea to rising seniors to become rising change-makers.     I write this having spent nearly 20 years encouraging and equipping students to step foot on their high school campuses for the glory of God being unashamed of Jesus. Each year I encourage, try to ask thought-provoking questions, and seek to build up […]

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A Letter to the Class of 2019

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | May 15, 2019

An open letter to the graduating Class of 2019,   I write this from my office in Orlando, FL fully aware of the annual celebratory tradition called ‘graduation’ that is taking place across the country. Each year I sit in front of my glowing screen and tap away at the keys in hopes of encouraging, perhaps […]

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Practical Dreaming

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | May 7, 2019

“WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR THE GLORY OF GOD IF YOU KNEW YOU WOULD NOT FAIL?!” Dr. Jay Strack declares in a booming voice. There you sit, in a sea of young, like-minded, optimistic leaders with thoughts running through your brain at an adrenaline-charged pace. Your mind races with floods of ideas or maybe one […]

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To One End Alone

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | April 16, 2019

The boxes don’t fit anymore The categories have all gone topsy-turvy  There used to be an invisible line Erased There used to be a code whispered among us Silence There was once a path made straight Crooked Competitive chaos now surrounds  Hypocritical compromise now abounds  Gone are the days of God and his ways Now […]

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Where Have All the Peacemakers Gone?

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | March 26, 2019

Where Have All the Peacemakers Gone?  The never-ending contentious environment that is the current state of affairs… The us versus them mentality that seems to accompany every issue… Justice being used as political bargaining chips… The truth being overshadowed by shouts and accusations… In a world of division, strife, boycotts, and seemingly every issue being politicized… I can’t help but […]

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Why Series: Inside Out

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | November 26, 2018

   Late night flights have been a theme throughout the last seventeen years I have spent on the road… and, unfortunately, so have delayed flights. A few years ago, it was such a flight and that kind of night! I was finally sitting on a plane that had previously tormented its passengers with the promise […]

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Disagreeing Well in a Divided Culture

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | October 30, 2018

Disagreeing Well in a Divided Culture A brief guide to Christian disagreement   Assassination attempts aimed at Democratic leaders… Massacre of people in a synagogue targeted because of their religion and heritage… Murder of two individuals because of the color of their skin…   A lot of evil and injustice has transpired over the last […]

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Wandering Well Part 5

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | October 9, 2018

Moments ‘Til Midnight Blog Series: Part 5 Wandering Well…Here’s to the Dreamers of the Day Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, […]

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