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Youth Pastor I Am

A role reserved but not always revered

An assignment too big for any small sheet of parchment hanging on a wall

The rare collision of monumental and mundane

One-minute counseling the largest of life’s concerns

The next, laughing at the latest middle school burns 

First one to arrive, last to leave still waiting on ‘that parent’ to pick up their kids

Wearer of the auctioneer hat for mission-trip-fundraiser-fellowship hall taking bids 

Volunteer for VBS goofball of the week 

Big office, heck office hours, never seek 

Great expectations, glimpses of a revival breakthrough 

Change the medical release forms, cause insurance company has something new 

Seeing what others pass by and give little consideration 

That one kid, yes that one kid, that could change the nation

Creating culture where the lost can get found 

Environments where the awkward years abound 

Changing things with an army that volunteered

Quirky many may be, fully embracing their weird 

Pastor had an idea and thought it to be inspired

Honor bestow, idea tried, but it felt a little tired 

Winds ever changing, trends come and go

Keeping a heads up on what research may show 

Middle schoolers smell and Highschool has its drama 

True as it may be, you can never blame the mama 

So why, why endure through the monumental and mundane? 

Because this generation needs to know in every era God is on the move 

The glimpses of awakening and revival are something he will prove 

Because each kid needs a place where they know they belong 

A caring place, a community, where love is the song 

Because there isn’t enough money to change what you instinctively know

Each child of God is full of potential and should be given opportunity to grow

Because you believe we are not the sum total of all our broken parts 

You believe there is a God that cares and can mend all the broken hearts 

Because you stand at the crossroads of a cultural sham 

Believing the best and thinking, “youth pastor I am.” 

Student Leadership University has been privileged to host Youth Pastor Summit (YPS) for youth pastors and their teams for the past 23 years. Youth Pastor Summit is provided as a $10 gift to youth pastors, youth workers, youth volunteers, and educators as an encouragement and investment in those who are making a lasting impact in the lives of students. This is a two-day conference that includes speakers, labs, worship, lunch, and free resources for student ministries. Visit our website for more information if you have not secured your spot at one of our cities! We hope you will join us for YPS this year and many more to come.

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