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Leadership Allergies: Part 4

Average Despised

A third allergy to which leaders have an adverse reaction is the notion of average, also known as mediocrity. It doesn’t take much to conclude that if we are motivated by the grace of Jesus, we should never settle for “good enough” or a job half done. We see how finishing well those projects and tasks around us are a reflection of something that has been transformed inside us.Not to be pessimistic or guilty of making a sweeping generalization, but it’s like we are living in a sea of average. Everyone seems to just be blending in with the look, emotional mood, and overall vibe of everyone else. If I’m anywhere in the ballpark right now, then the cultural message being projected is: it’s ok just to reflect or imitate everyone else around me. Honestly, this problem is as old as civilization itself. 

But the Christ-follower who desires to make their influence count rejects reflecting, because they know imitating a crowd is a poor substitute to the greatness you could measure up to. 

I oftentimes ask my three children a very simple question, about anything from school to sports to music lessons, “what does dad expect from you?” By now they know the answer with crystal clarity: “dad, you want us to do our best.” You see, my kids don’t have to perform or achieve before I am proud or accepting of them. I love each of them to the moon and back because they are my children! There is nothing they could do to detract from their father’s love. I expect them to do their best simply because they are alreadyloved and accepted. 

I think it is the same with our heavenly Father. We are infinitely valuable to him and he loves us from eternity past. Ephesians 1:4 reads, “Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.” Because we are loved and chosen, we are to be holy. That is to say, because of Jesus we live set apart. Make note that one can’t be average and live set apart!Therefore, the grace of Jesus bids us to live loved and thus everyday say to him, “Father, today I’m giving you my best.” 

So, for all those who kicked average to the curb because Jesus moved into the neighborhood that is your life: 

If there is a mountain to climb, then why not scale to its highest heights

If there is an ocean to sail, then set out for the deep waters

If there is a game to play, then play to win

If there is a job to be done, why not do that job as if employed by an office in heaven

If there is something to be learned, then go on the hunt for great ideas 

If there is someone to love, then love them 3000 

If life is a journey, why not journey well

If you are a work of art in the Master’s hands, then paint a masterpiece with your moments 

If your soul is writing an autobiography, then tell a courageous and compelling story 

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