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Leadership Allergies: Part 3

Unnecessary Drama

As we continue our discussion on ‘leadership allergies’ being the reactions that occur as a leader develops, that is to say that a leader develops an adverse reaction to that which is unhelpful to a leader’s development and/or ability to maximize their capacity. 

As the leader invests in his or her leadership health and maturity, they inevitably become allergic or intolerant to unnecessary drama. The world we live in is increasingly full of noise, with click bait tempting us to discover the pain and embarrassment of celebrities or persons in power. We are bombarded with reporting that has nothing to do with true journalism, that invites us in to a culture filled with conflict and spectacle. Not to mention how we personally utilize our social media platforms to rant and rave and ‘make a point’ in a bombastic way.

DRAMA… the leader understands that time dedicated to noise without a healthy purpose is time and energy wasted. The healthy leader avoids drama, gossip, and back hall conversations at all cost. They are allergic to it because it simply doesn’t aid to the health of their leadership or those they seek to influence.

Sure, the world is messed up and will continue to trip over itself until changed from the inside out by the life changing message of Jesus. 

But those who aspire to leadership, those who want to maximize their capacity for the renown of Jesus, those who simply want their leadership to put a spotlight on God’s desired will… find ways to rise above the noise of drama. 

Proverbs 20:19 puts it a bit more succinctly: “A gossip goes around telling secrets, so don’t hang around with chatterers.” In short, stay away from those who serve as the source of unhealthy drama. Or maybe we could say it this way, if it’s tearing someone down… then you don’t want to be around. 

With that in mind how does the leader rise above all the stuff that could and should fall under the category of unnecessary drama? To conclude, let me offer three ways: 

  1. Confront the source of drama with grace and truth. Make it explicitly clear that this is unhealthy and sinful. Help the drama king or queen kick their meaningless chatter to the curb.
  2. Avoid unnecessary drama like it’s a sickness you could catch. In other words, stay away from certain news outlets, or certain individuals social accounts. Don’t ever allow drama to become a form of entertainment in any medium.
  3. Redirect the drama to a place of healthy discourse. If certain conversations are focused on ‘telling secrets’, ‘spilling the tea’ or being dominated by ‘chatterers’, then step into the conversation as a beacon of reason in the midst of carnal emotion. Whoever is being discussed in a negative light, flip the script and discuss them in a positive light. In doing so, your influence just may demonstrate the kindness of God, leading those engaged in unnecessary drama to repentance.

Whether you confront, avoid, or redirect, each option serves as a way to rise above the junk food type conversation that so many people seem to crave. In this process, hopefully you will begin to create a new culture, one where people are esteemed and edified with words… conversations that please Jesus and point others to Him. 

Part 4 coming this week!

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