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A Cure for the 2017 Hangover Part Two

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | January 10, 2018

Personal Holiness and Civic Responsibility Last week, I wrote concerning the reluctant manner of the mass unconsciousness that our culture seems to be entering into 2018. With 2017 being one for the record books, and not in a good way, the onslaught of bad news and tragedy have given many a bit of weariness about […]

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A Cure for the 2017 Hangover

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | January 3, 2018

Evidence abounds that the festivities of the holiday season are over. If your house is anything like mine, then it’s going through a transition between Christmas and ‘normal decorum.’ The fridge has a few remnants of unhealthy, delicious food, the scales probably show a few more pounds, and the forthcoming return to work and school […]

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Christmas Means… We Have a Savior to Make Known

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | December 20, 2017

Christmas means that the altar (i.e. the presence of God) becomes our address. Christmas means that it is now possible to become friends with God. And this week, before the big day arrives, we see that Christmas means we have a Savior to make known.    The outcast evangelists  One of my favorite parts of […]

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Christmas Means…We Can Become Friends With God

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | December 14, 2017

We began our Christmas blog series focusing on the supernatural shift that takes place under the new covenant. In the Old Testament, we would have to go to an altar, or rather someone would go to an altar on our behalf.  In the New Testament, the altar has come to us (i.e. Immanuel meaning ‘God with […]

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Christmas Means…That The Altar Becomes Our Address

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | December 5, 2017

My wife has OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder). It is a condition that endears me to her all the more each year as she decorates our house and fills it with all the smells and sounds of the Christmas season. And why not, after all it is the greatest holiday of the year. While every other […]

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A Special Word From Brent Crowe

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | November 28, 2017

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Are You Living a Lie?

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | October 17, 2017

Christ Has Set Us Free As you might remember from history class, the Civil War was one of the most crucial times in America’s history. Abraham Lincoln was the President, and he is still considered one of the greatest leaders this world has ever had. Lincoln had a deep-seated conviction against slavery and felt it […]

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Unlikely Suspects

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | October 10, 2017

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt overwhelmed and under qualified? I have on more occasions than I would like to admit. Truthfully, we all feel this way from time to time. And so, this week I jotted down a few thoughts concerning the possibly overwhelmed and most likely under qualified: […]

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Pressed But Not Crushed

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | September 12, 2017

As it became more and more clear that Hurricane Irma would make landfall and significantly impact my home state of Florida, other things became clear as well. Some were busy purchasing supplies, some were high-tailing it out of town, while others were panicking with no clear plan. And then, just like Harvey before it, this […]

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Resign to Resolve

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | January 5, 2017

Well the tree is face down on the curb, the fridge is stocked with aging leftovers, our house is in full transition-from-Christmas-decorations mode, and school is back in session. I could use a few more days chillin’ with the family, but I am also full of anticipation about the doors of opportunity ahead in 2017. […]

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