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Dare to Share Live

Every life lived tells a story…and every story can have only one principal theme.


Furthermore, that life story is a journey…and every journey can end at only one destination. 


As Christ followers, the theme of our stories is redemption; the central character is the Redeemer; and the destination is the heaven country. And that is why I am so grateful for the vision and leadership of my great friend Greg Stier and his gospel-advancing ministry Dare 2 Share LIVE! I’ve known Greg for nearly fifteen years and watched him tirelessly serve the Church in equipping students to be intentional in having Gospel conversations. In a world drowning in a sea of digital white noise of its own making, praise God for a ministry that unapologetically and clearly equips students to help their friends tell a different story and thus go on a different journey. 


I am also proud to announce that Dare 2 Share LIVE, after an effective twenty-five years of conference-ministry events, is in its second year of a new and cutting edge simulcast initiative. This one-day outreach event will take place on Saturday, October 13, 2018 and is an incredible way for youth leaders and students to reach people in their communities and schools by praying, serving and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The event will be simulcasted live from Denver, CO across the United States, and this event is your chance to make a difference and share the love of Jesus with people right in your community! 

There are so many ways to get involved from hosting, to attending, to praying. Registration for Dare 2 Share LIVE is open so you can buy tickets for the Satellite Site closest to you here on the Dare 2 Share Store. Remember to save October 13th, 2018 on your calendar and join the Insider List to receive information on promos, updates and deadlines as October 13th approaches.


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