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Why I Returned to the site of Black Hawk Down

CRU approached me about doing a video documentary of my experience in Mogadishu, Somalia.  This was the result of a little booklet entitled Bulletproof Faith that has been distributed to hundreds of thousands of warriors around the world.  That booklet has introduced many men and women to faith in Jesus Christ by reading my story of the Battle of Black Hawk Down.

Recently CRU started to produce and distribute this booklet.They started to see the lives that were being changed through this little gospel presentation.  Jim Hocker at CUR had the vision to create a mini-movie that would draw men and women to faith in Jesus.  Through a lot of hard work and coordination Jim assembled the producer, director and cinematographer.  The team started making plans to shoot this movie on a set in Los Angeles, California early this year.

At the same time, my good friend who was in Somalia with me, Keni Thomas, called to see if I would be willing to go back to this site of the original battle.  I asked Keni,

“Do you have any idea how dangerous the city of Mogadishu is today? “

He said, “Of course I do!”

After a brief pause, I responded, “I’ll go if you’ll go.”  Not wanting to be outdone, he quickly replied, “Well, I’ll go if you’ll go.”

And with that we both made plans to return to Mogadishu, Somalia.

Over the course of the past several months I have been asked many times why did I return to the site of the original Battle of Black Hawk Down? Why would I put myself in harm’s way for this video project?   I’m not sure I have a great answer to these questions except I have felt this overwhelming compulsion to shoot this video in such a way that it would be as realistic as possible. I really believe that many men and women will respond to the gospel by watching the documentary Return to Mogadishu.

If you haven’t seen it yet check out this link:

Forward this on to all of your friends and pray that God will use it to reach them with the grace of his son Jesus Christ.

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