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DJ 412

From Greenwood, South Carolina, to Atlanta, Ga, Debaron Hughes has always loved the art of music—the space it creates, the way it invites people in. What started out as just a passion growing up in a quaint little ma and pop town suddenly turned into a lifestyle in 2013: “Debaron Hughes” became DJ4:12.

He’s come a long way since he moved to the city where the players play, finding his own groove, specializing in creating inimitable moments and experiences through his fingertips on a turntable.

Over the past few years, he’s had the incredible opportunity to DJ for multiple artists such as Lecrae in his “I’m Turnt” music video, Swoope, NF, KB, Tedashii, Canon, and Trip Lee (just to name a few).

He’s also been able to Dj at conferences like Destination Imagination, Creationfest, Catalyst, and Propel Women.

When he’s not touring, he enjoys getting to DJ for Atlanta Track Club, America’s second-largest running club.

From concerts to music videos to private shows—all the way to spinning at marathons—DJ4:12 does it all. While some are lovers of cultivating community, not many can bring people together the way DJ4:12 has.

And there’s still more to come.

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