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See You at the Pole

It is hard to believe that one of the very first See You at the Pole events starts at Fort Myers High School in February 1971. In the midst of what is now the historic Jesus Movement, a handful of us decided that our school needed this new found faith we had just experienced. So in the middle of racial tension, high drug use, a rash of suicide and tragic accidents. We began to pray for the Lord to touch our campus. It started with maybe five but over the course of several weeks it grew to hundreds. Because of the tension of the times, an overanxious administrator called the police. As the officer approached with a baton in one hand and radio in the other, he asked, What we were doing Because I had the biggest mouth, I shared my burden for what was happening to our generation, our classmates. Much to my surprise he put away his baton, joined our circled and wept as he prayed with us.

As many of us began to share our testimonies across the country, it was exciting to watch various organizations and denominations add structure and guidance to what has become an international phenomenon. So obviously it is with great joy to watch youth pastors use the two nights of Rock the Universe as an opportunity to show their students that they are apart of something big. What would happen if they took a stand together on their campus?

I know the van or the busload of students that you bring will use Rock the Universe as an opportunity to fellowship, to plan and to reinforce what they will do on their local campuses in just a few weeks. Just imagine what the campuses in your community would look like if your students saw they were a part of something big and they began to humbly stand and pray together.

I hope you will join me and the thousands of students across the Southeast for Sept. 7 & 8 at Universal Studios for a time of passionate worship, stirring testimonies and time of commitment.

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