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Ode to the Oddballs

Ode to the Oddballs 

Lost in a crowd 

Alone in a conversation

Inside the glass, yet on the outside looking in 

You know who you are

With your metaphoric Mad Hatter hats 

Born with those over-sized ears

That insane sense of optimism though you have short-term memory loss

The desire to blow that trumpet through those alligator teeth

That awesome mis-match sense of style

Finding humor in the obviously overlooked places of this world 

Discovering beauty among the discarded leftovers 

Cultivating virtuoso talent just beneath that quirky veneer 

Oddball you are, oddball you should embrace

For it is not a hinderance nor handicap 

You see…oddballs change the world 

That is if they don’t allow their unconventional prism to become a prison

If they don’t let their peculiarity become their insecurity 

It is time to discover your oddity as your commodity 

For there is glory in your goofiness

There is genius in your odd-giftedness 

You may be offbeat but you are on point 

You are what happens when God lets the bizarre showcase His brilliance 

Through your uncanniness you display His creativity 

Never lose sight that your strange is sacred

Your peculiarity is predestined 


So that you may prove His power 

Oh, how God excels in showcasing the eccentric 

The world needs to see you soar 

Feather in trunk 

Surprise the tent full of people who expect nothing but a cheap laugh

Turn the narrative on its head 

Because their expectations cannot determine your destination

You were meant to fly

You were meant to surprise

You were meant to amaze 

You were meant to accomplish 

Hence grow not weary in your weirdness 

For In the end what others call weird, God calls wonderful 

What others see as out of place, God sees as His own

What others believe dysfunctional, God has designed 

What others stereotype as curious, God knows is created

Stand proud oddball!!

Embrace what others misunderstand 

Because the oddballs are in His hand 

Peculiarly positioned to fulfill the highest good 

Strangely gifted to show what should 


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