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Getting to Know You: Part 2

Getting to Know You – Part 2

Dominant and Influential Personalities 

Last week we introduced you to the D.I.S.C. personality assessment tool. D.I.S.C is a tool used to measure your personality and behavior style. As we discussed, this particular personality assessment focuses on specific traits and behaviors of individuals. It does not measure intelligence, aptitude, mental health, or values. The primary purpose of the D.I.S.C. profiles is to describe how people act in various situations. For example, based on your profile, you will have a better understanding of how you respond to challenges, how you best influence others, and how you view systems, rules, and direction. We know that D.I.S.C. is broken up into four measures, each representing 4-types of behaviors (D.I.S.C.) and two distinct categories: (1) outgoing or easy-going and (2) task-oriented or people-oriented.

GOING DEEPER: For part 2 of this series, I want to look at the two personalities that are considered outgoing behaviors: – Dominant/Direct and I – Inspire/Influence/Interactive. 

D: Dominant/Direct – People who are both outgoing and task-oriented. They are dominant and direct because they usually focus on results, problem-solving, and the bottom-line. The D personality is known as the one who loves to take charge and make quick decisions. They tend to have a natural leaning to making things happen. Some characteristics of a D is that they can be demanding, driven, and an all-out doer! D’s love to make things happen and to get things done!

FUN FACT: Some famous people who would be considered a D personality are the Hulk from the Avengers, Han Solo from Star Wars, and Paul from the Bible. Come on…you have to admit, each one of those characters is 100% D personalities!! What about you? For those of you who would consider themselves a D, are you an outgoing task-orientedindividual? If so, what would you say are some pros and cons of your personality type? Be honest and jot down a few answers! 

As you reflect on the pros and cons, here are a few healthy tips on how to lead yourself well as a D:

  1. Because you are a direct go-getter, I imagine you probably speak before completely thinking through your thoughts. I can also imagine people misinterpret your tone for being harsh and uncaring. When interacting with others, consider pausing before you speak and soften your tone. 
  2. Like #1, because D’s have such a dominant disposition, you can sometimes come off as careless, unconcerned, and insensitive. Maybe consider slowing down a bit and taking a deep breath before moving to the next task or conversation. It’s not always about pace; sometimes, it’s about connection.
  3. In a crisis, you are the one that wants to save the day. Can I get an AMEN? However, can I suggest, sometimes people aren’t telling you things for you to answer or solve, they just want you to listen. Be quick to listen and slow to speak. That’s biblical (James 1:19).

Now for the I’s! As I talk about the pros and cons of the I’s, I have a bit of expertise with this particular personality type because this is my primary personality behavior. So, as I’m talking about you, I am also talking about myself! 

I: Inspire/Influence/Interactive – People who are both outgoing and people-oriented. They are inspiring and influencing because they usually focus on interacting with people, being the life of the party, never meeting a stranger, and always creating exciting experiences. The I personality is known for building relationships through charisma and charm. They love being the center of attention, and typically, words of affirmation are their love language.  

FUN FACT: Some famous people who would be considered an I personality are Iron Man from the Avengers, Luke Sky Walker from Star Wars, and Peter from the Bible. Would you agree with those comparisons? What about you? For those of you who would consider themselves an I, are you an outgoing, people-oriented individual? If so, what would you say are some pros and cons of your personality type? Just like the D’s, be honest and jot down a few answers!

As you reflect on the pros and cons, here are a few healthy tips on how to lead yourself well as an I:

  1. I’s, can be pretty talkative, expressive, and boisterous. Consider listening more and talking less. Sometimes, we miss great God moments because we’re so self-absorbed.
  2. Because inspiration and motivation come naturally to us, we love to look on the bright side of things. The only problem is we tend to over promise and under deliver. Be careful that your inspiration is not filled with unrealistic expectations.
  3. I’s tend to be free-spirited individuals who crave freedom from the confines of rules. We often prefer to operate in the gray areas of life, but not in an unethical or immoral way. We enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit. Consider appreciating the importance of following established policies, procedures, structures, and systems. A little structure never hurt anybody.

BOTTOM LINE: Whether you’re the dominant conductor or the influential socializer; both personalities are considered outgoing individuals who are task-oriented and people-oriented. The key to being the best version of yourself is learning how to leverage your strengths and be self-aware of your weaknesses. Next week, we are going to discuss the easy-going personalities. You don’t want to miss it.

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