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Four Reasons to Remember the 16th of November

We are six months away from summer, and Im sure your summer is like mine in that it takes half of the year to plan it out. Your summers are full with camp, family vacation, mission trips, VBS, and twelve other things that come up unexpectedly. So heres the deal, go ahead and put your finger on one of the six SLU 101 dates this summer and clear your calendar for SLU 201. Dont wait to do it next week;do it today. Summer is only 180 days away. If you are thinking about waiting to register your students for SLU, here are four reasons why you should pick your week and register your students by November 16:

Orlando: June 17-20, June 24-27, July 1-4, July 8-11 & July 15-18

San Antonio: June 26-29

SLU 201: July 22-26

1. Get the Youth Pastor Book Package for Free. Register five students for SLU this summer by November 16th, and we will send you one of the first copies of Brent Crowes new book ReImagine & #Critical Issues and Absolute Answers (editor Jay Strack) this spring.

2. Save $100-125 per student when your register. You dont have to know the names of your students who will attend SLU 101 and 201 this summer, but you can reserve spots and save $100-125 per person when you do so by November 16.

3. Read Matthew 25:14-28 See point #2.

4. Get Early Registration Access for the Youth Pastor Summit Spring of 2013. The Youth Pastor Summit is a free conference we host for Youth Pastors from across the country. We have to close registration for this event every year, but when you register your group for SLU 101 or 201 by November 16th , well give you the opportunity to register first for the Summit.

If youre not sure about SLU yet, then checkout the SLU Video.

Student Leadership University is the ultimate, experiential leadership conference for middle and high school students, giving them a 15-20 year head start in their ability to Think, Dream and Lead through the lens that LeadershipBegins at the Feet of Jesus.

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