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Because of Norm Rogers

For the last ten years it has been my privilege to serve in one capacity or another, the vision of Student Leadership University. Everyday I wake up and I get to pursue my dream and calling  to challenge and equip a generation to think, dream, and lead at the feet of Jesus. One of the most satisfying aspects of serving the SLU vision is to observe students answering a sacred question: “What would I do for the glory of God, if I knew that I would not fail?” Today, I am excited to introduce to you a young filmmaker by the name of Greyson Welch, in hopes that you would watch the film he recently produced, “Because of Norman Rogers.” Below is Greyson introducing the project in his own words. I hope that you would reach out to him after watching the film and offer him a word of encouragement and support as he pursues God’s vision for his life.


"What am I going to do with my life?"

This was the question swirling in my mind the summer before I left for college. I was not even sure what I would major in yet, much less the direction of my life! That summer, I went to SLU 301 and began reading Generous Justice by Timothy Keller.  The two experiences and my love for filmmaking that gave birth to my first short film, "Because of Norman Rogers."

I have loved filmmaking since I could actually spell it. I knew God had put that passion inside of me, so I was constantly looking for avenues to use this gift for His glory.  But every opportunity to make a film was either bad timing or was not feasible  (In my mind, at least).  SLU changed my mentality and taught me that eagles soar and don't settle.

"Because of Norman Rogers" is the product of simply saying "Yes" to God. I was no longer content with a "settling" lifestyle (Thank You, SLU) and became painfully aware of the poverty in my hometown, New Orleans (Thank You, Timothy Keller). Simple obedience to God, led to my gift of filmmaking being used to raise over $15,000 for a homeless shelter in New Orleans. This endeavor sparked a much larger challenge to build a new women's housing facility, which would take around 40 women off the dangerous streets of my city.

Rather than worrying about God's will for my life, I decided to obey what I knew to be His will for my summer. Instead of fretting over what I could not control, I simply gave my summer to the One who has everything in control.


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On July 13, 2014 7:51 PM, The Higginbothams said:
Thank you for sharing….so many good and important messages.
On July 8, 2014 10:33 AM, Marty Hollingshead said:
What a powerful movie! Well done! Thank you for encouraging me. I hope you continue in this journey of filmmaking. God has gifted you in a way only few can see. What a blessing!
On July 7, 2014 10:49 AM, Mark Harris said:
Very touching story. Story of forgiveness, stepping out on faith, getting out of your comfort zone.

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