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Tackling Trending Topics Webinar Series

By Brad Hobbs | October 9, 2013

October 9, 2013 By Brad Hobbs The paradox of time is that as we progress into the unknown the issues our students face are constantly shifting, but the ideologies behind those issues seem not to change. This fall, Student Leadership University has gathered four youth experts to share via webinar on how to disciple our […]

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4 Reasons To Be At The Movies The Weekend Of Oct. 4

By Brad Hobbs | September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013 By Brad Hobbs It seems as though whatever social medium is used we, as influencers of students, seem to be one giant chorus lamenting the culture that our students are swimming in is drifting towards Sodom. There are two words that those of us who are trying to make a difference must […]

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6 Questions to Ask About Syria

By Brad Hobbs | September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013 By Brad Hobbs I live in a nation that feels a profound and sacred obligation to defend the human rights of individuals around the world. In the course of world events, that obligation or feeling forces the United States to ask often, and think deeply about how we as a people must […]

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The Under-Appreciated Legacy of Lincoln

By Brad Hobbs | November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012 By Brad Hobbs As Steven Spielbergs film Lincoln plastered the most pivotal moments of Lincolns last years on the movie screen this weekend, I could not help but to think of a decision our 15th president made that has been all but forgotten.In July of 1863, men from across America engaged in […]

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