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4 Reasons To Be At The Movies The Weekend Of Oct. 4

September 17, 2013

It seems as though whatever social medium is used we, as influencers of students, seem to be one giant chorus lamenting the culture that our students are swimming in is drifting towards Sodom. There are two words that those of us who are trying to make a difference must know and understand the nuisances:

The first is amusement, which means to divert ones attention to or to keep us from thinking.  We live in a culture addicted to amusement. Think about it in 2012 alone Americans spent a whopping $10.8 billion going to movie theatres.  Most of what we consider “entertainment” is really a mental escape through amusement.

The second is entertainment, which means to hold or enlighten the mind. Some have even said to entertain is to cause the mind to stop and consider.  We need entertainment, we need sanctified entertainment that causes us to think differently, to open our eyes to something new or grip our hearts. For the most part culture has hijacked sanctified entertainment, but not all of it.

I want to tell you about a new movie coming out that is great evidence to sanctified entertainment that will hold the mind and cause it to consider some things.

On Oct. 4, one of the greatest story lines captured on film this year will open in theatres across the country. Grace Unplugged is the story of a talented, young musician with big dreams and enormous ambition, who finds herself empty after achieving her ultimate dream.  It’s the story of the “Prodigal Girl” an adaptation of Luke 15.  It will resonate with the heart of every person. However, this film is not looking to climb the charts for the fame, its looking to make an impact in the lives of students. 

So here are 4 reasons why you and your students need to join me at the movies on Oct. 4 -5 to watch Grace Unplugged.

1. Students live practically what they see visually. Your students will grasp biblical ideas and cultural ideas based on how they see them practiced. Movies that escape the cliché themes and story-lines and depict life without Christ as it truly is will help your students understand their own personal walk with Christ.

2. The gospel captured on film is powerful. Anyone hear of a small film called the Jesus Film?  Its most likely, the greatest evangelical tool in nations around the world for the past 30 years. Grace Unplugged captures the hopelessness that your students have without Christ. Use this film tool to make a lasting impact to your friends.

3. This is the real deal. This film was well written with an incredible story line and features stars that have worked with guys like JJ Abrams (how cool is that). You are going to get a real movie, real story with real actors. Dr. Jay Strack said of interviewing the lead actress, “She is transparent and visible with her faith, someone our students need to see as a real example.”

4. Your football team will lose if you don’t go. Seriously, don’t put off this opportunity just so you can watch the game.  The opening weekend has a huge effect on the films ability to reach the masses. Go before the game, after the game or during the game…just go. Take a friend, tweet about, or better yet take your student ministry and their friends.

This movie is well done; it’s a biblical parable of a prodigal girl in Hollywood that will leave your students standing and applauding.

Written by: Dr. Jay Strack & Brad Hobbs

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