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The Road to Hell

By Student Leadership University | November 14, 2012

This is a post originally posted on Kris Hogan is the Head Football Coach at Faith Christian School in Grapevine, TX. He has personally walked the SLU journey and has been a part of taking students on the journey for several years.The Road to HellYou know what its paved with. But no one really […]

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Four Reasons to Remember the 16th of November

By Student Leadership University | November 12, 2012

We are six months away from summer, and Im sure your summer is like mine in that it takes half of the year to plan it out. Your summers are full with camp, family vacation, mission trips, VBS, and twelve other things that come up unexpectedly. So heres the deal, go ahead and put your […]

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Seeing the invisible!

By Jay Stack | October 30, 2012

I made a wonderful discovery early in my faith, and I attempted to put skin on it and live it out as I continued on my personal leadership journey. Myaha moment is when I discovered that leaders were different in almost every area of their life!Leaders see the invisible … hear the inaudible … think […]

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Think Bigger About Your Summer

By Student Leadership University | October 26, 2012

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Reimagine Promo

By Student Leadership University | October 26, 2012 us for Leadership Rocks this Spring!

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Ten Steps to Training the Zombie in You

By Jay Stack | October 23, 2012

Americans loved to be terrified by free-roaming beasts, zombies, vampires and blood curdling screams. Haunted houses fill neighborhoods with the promise of a temporary fright that will chill your blood and race your heart. Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, voted #1 for five consecutive years, takes its visitors into an epic level of horror entertainment […]

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By Jay Stack | October 8, 2012

I drove my Chevy to the levee for some think time. Just this morning 13 unsolicited texts, emails, messages and pop-ups hid among important information in my phone with a unified theme – the promise of leadership success. There were a few variations like success in business, relationships, in wealth or power, but all of […]

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SLU Africa: The Why|The What|The How…

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | September 27, 2012

I remember it like it happened last week. I graduated from college and my father and I boarded a plane to Uganda, Africa where the following two weeks would transform my understanding of ministry and influence. The days were filled with personal evangelism, pastoral training, medical seminars and clinics. While it was my first trip […]

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Growing up without Pluto

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | September 18, 2012

I know it now seems like ancient news but incase you have been under a rock the last few years Pluto is no longer a planet! Thats right ladies and gentlemen Pluto has been re-categorized as a dwarf planet, a phrase that may not even be politically correct. I mean how does that make Pluto […]

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American Dream

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D | September 11, 2012

A blessing by its very definition is underserved. And to live in a free society such as ours should instill a deep well of gratitude, an appreciation for something that wedid not earn but ratherinherited. We enjoy that which cost people their sweat, blood, tears and ultimately their lives. This great democracy is a dream […]

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