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Why Series: LIFT

   For over two decades, I had the privilege and honor of being the Youth Pastor to some of the most amazing students in Atlanta, Georgia. During that time, I watched God change lives, affirm kids’ identity, restore families, and heal hurting hearts. Students from all walks of life walked through our doors on a weekly basis eagerly anticipating a spiritual encounter that would change the trajectory of their lives forever!  

   Although God was blessing my youth ministry tremendously, I always had a desire to share my ministry experiences with other youth groups within our city and state. I quickly began reaching out to other youth pastors and leaders, asking them if they would be willing to collaborate and come together to do something significant for our city. Once we organized our network and hosted a few joint events, I was in awe at what God began to do within our city. During this season of ministry, there was such a spirit of love and unity that permeated throughout the city. As leaders, we all had a collective desire to see revival and a spiritual awakening take place within the life of every student whom we encountered!  

   Those were some of the best years of my youth ministry. It wasn’t just because of the growth, health, and effective programming we had within my home church, it was also because what I was experiencing in my youth group, my friends were experiencing the same type of fruitfulness. We would often meet up and talk about how once we started to do things collectively, God began to bless our ministries individually.  

   As I reflect over those great years of youth ministry, I cannot help but think about the LIFT Tour and why we as an organization (Student Leadership University) are so committed to partnering with local churches all across the country to help facilitate opportunities of healthy collaboration. The LIFT Tour is a life-changing two-day weekend event for middle and high schoolers. It was birthed out of John 12:32, which states, “And I, when I am LIFTED up from the earth, I will draw all people to Myself.” The LIFT Tour is designed to intentionally create an environment where students can experience 3 fundamental elements:

  1. Engage Scripture through Biblical Preaching

  1. Exalt Christ through Christ-Centered Worship

  1. Equip Students with a Real-Life Application

The purpose of the LIFT Tour is not exclusively about these three fundamental elements, it is also an opportunity for:

  1. Youth pastors and youth leaders coming together to do something meaningful and momentous for their city and for the Kingdom of God.  
  2. Students to get an opportunity to interact with other students from the four corners of their state as well as some of the most gifted artists, worship bands, and communicators from all over the country.
  3. Leaders to not have to do any planning but simply show up and love on your students. The LIFT Tour handles every aspect of the weekend experience.  

   Every year, there is a different theme for the LIFT Tour. This year’s theme is entitled MOMENTS! God has granted us a gift that is infinitely valuable: LIFE.  And with this life, He invites us to take part in a grand adventure, a journey that has no comparison.  Following Jesus is all about sojourning well through this broken world until, finally, we cross over from this life to eternal life and arrive on the shores of the heaven country.  As the psalmist wrote,“Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, whose heart is set on pilgrimage” (Psalm 84:5).

   Our goal this year at the LIFT Tour is to rediscover the heart of this sacred journey by retracing some of the most significant moments in the Apostle Paul’s life…and thus focusing on the four most significant MOMENTS in our own lives: Salvation, Community, Calling, and our Heavenly Home. I pray you would consider joining us on one of our 2019 Tour stops! We would love to partner with you as you invest in the life of this emerging generation! If you’re interested, check out our website  

Don’t forget to register before Friday, November 16th to get the best possible price for you and your students! 

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