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Wandering Well Part 5

Moments ‘Til Midnight Blog Series: Part 5

Wandering Well…Here’s to the Dreamers of the Day

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen.

Ephesians 3:20-21, NIV 


The world needs a new breed of thinkers—people who are constantly aware of God’s grace in their lives and thus believe that with Christ all things are possible. The world needs those who dare to dream something new and accomplish something others would deem ridiculously unfeasible. The world needs people enthralled with possibility, driven by an optimistic realism rarely seen in the average bystander. We need people who see themselves as pilgrims prepared to journey through this wonderful yet flawed world on their way to heaven. We need pilgrims who believe their one journey can impact the world. 



those redeemed renegades who dare to look out a different window
those who refuse to believe the present situation is ‘as good as it gets’
go on dreamers of the day with your conscious dreams
your imaginary thoughts about real things
go on and imagine how it could and should be
go on in the name of God under the banner of his redemption
find solutions where others only found problems
help the hopeless with an enduring conviction that the redeemed are not helpless
open doors that have been closed and kept shut by closed minds
rebuild walls when many have grown comfortable with the routine of rubble
ask the questions no one is willing to ask
seek the answers that have been long lost due to stalled imaginations
be fully human in a world that increasingly devalues human life
turn a thought into a revolution and a wild hair into a wonderful life
go on dreamers of the day as if the sun were setting and your time is now or never
pick up your million to one ideas realizing God never played the odds
let your visions and ideas find their infinite possibilities in a reflection of the one who is infinitely creative refuse the comfort of conformity and pathetic outcome of pessimistic thinking
carry the torch of your idea if you be the only one
your flash of genius will not go unnoticed
unleash your courageous ponderings as if someone’s life depended upon their actualization
take action, initiate, as if your life depended upon it
become intoxicated by your redemptive imagination
may you only find rest when you slip away to slumber
may the imaginations in the day only be interrupted by the dreams of the night
militantly refuse to compromise while at the same time branded by the compassionate nature of your imagination oh dreamers of the day, carry on until it is carried out
catch a fire and set the problem ablaze with your redemptive imagination
not because you can…but because you must
because grace demands more and never less
because the redeemed never take a time out
because the mission of God leaves you no other option



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This blog post is an excerpt from the book Moments ‘Til Midnight and been used with permission from author and company. 

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