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To One End Alone

The boxes don’t fit anymore

The categories have all gone topsy-turvy 

There used to be an invisible line


There used to be a code whispered among us


There was once a path made straight


Competitive chaos now surrounds 

Hypocritical compromise now abounds 

Gone are the days of God and his ways

Now are the means that justify the end


Walking into this tension of semi-false narratives


I think

I dream 

I lead


I think to one end and one end alone 

I think critically seeking to kick compromise to the curb

I think compassionately caring for people not policy 

I think courageously believing we are all better than this


I dream to one end and one end alone

I dream because I live convinced God can use me

I dream because I could care less about the odds 

I dream because I exhaust myself for what others deem impossible 


I lead to one end and one end alone 

I lead not to conquer, nor to be conquered

I lead not to shout, nor be shouted at

I lead not to posture, while pretending it to be sovereignty 

No sir, no ma’am, I lead to illuminate and preserve

Illuminate by lighting up the dark 

Preserve by holding up the lost 


I think

I dream

I lead 


And I do so with a suspicion that I am not alone 

There is a tribe set a part that is rising under the cover of broad daylight 

There is a community filled with those who can’t find a box that will fit them either

There are a people for whom categories are irrelevant and boundaries are non-existent


There is an uprising of those who think, dream and lead to one end and one end alone



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