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The Supporting Cast: Wise Men… Seekers Who Found the Savior


This week as we continue our blog series entitled The Supporting Cast, we examine the mysteriousgroup of men oftenreferred to as the wise men

Matthew 2:1-12

During the time period of the birth of Christ, the Magi were men skilled in philosophy, medicine, and natural science. They were also mystical, possibly astrologers or at least astronomers, since they we’re guided by a star and interpreted dreams. They studied the heavens and pondered the One who made them. It is through these observations that God spoke to them concerning the entry of the King into the world. Some traditions say these men were kings (compare Ps. 72:10 and Is 49:7); although in later times, they might have been viewed as “magicians.”

These “wise” men were from the East, which could mean the regions surrounding Arabia or Mesopotamia. It also means that they were mono-jewish, an interesting first revelation of Jesus’ relationship with Gentiles, as noted by Matthew. Respected men from a non-Jewish culture directly disobeyed King Herod-a man known to have a short fuse-in seeking and protecting the Messiah of prophecy. The fact that God chose to reveal this to them at such a crucial moment in history greatly stresses the point that the Christ child came on behalf of the whole world.

While much myth and tradition surrounds these men, one bold reality rises from their lives:those who wait for, seek after, and sincerely desire to see God will experience Him.

Brent Crowe

This article was adapted from The Impact Student Leadership Bible and can be found

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