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The Power of One

As we see images and get word of the terrible devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey, it is easy to be overcome by the power of nature. This comes at a time in our nation when many are frustrated by the power of division. Yet in the aftermath, we at Student Leadership University are reminded of the power of one. The people of Texas and Louisiana are showing the world how to unite, one by one, to help their community.

  • One person driving their fishing boat to carry friends and strangers alike to safety.
  • One person preparing a meal for those hungry from hours of waiting for rescue on a roof.
  • One person handing out blankets to the wet and shivering.
  • One person making a donation to fund relief efforts.

When each of us resolve to contribute our part, recovery becomes possible one-by-one.

We are calling on each member of our SLU community to be the one. Our organization has had the privilege of installing this principle in hundreds of thousands of students over the past twenty years. Times like these demand that knowledge be put to action.  If you feel overwhelmed or don’t know how to help, remember Shamgar: start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

For more specific opportunities to join in the recovery effort, see the links below:




  • For those still needing rescue
  • For quick reunion of separated families
  • For the first responders still working
  • For the leaders making important decisions
  • For the volunteers on their way to help

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