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Sean Emory

Perception Artist


At 16 years old, Sean Emory did the unthinkable—and up to this point—seemingly impossible. He walked to the front of his high school cafeteria and performed an impromptu magic show. When he closed, the students erupted in applause. From that moment forward, life for Sean changed. The miracle of that day was not simply in his performance, but the fact that, in front of everyone, he spoke fluently for the first time in his life.

Born with a severe speech impediment, Sean could barely talk. As he grew up, he carried a notebook with him and wrote down messages to communicate. Despite this all-encompassing disability, two qualities made Sean unique—his intelligence and his artistic ability. Recognizing his gift, his high school arranged for him to take a college art course, while only a freshman. But Sean’s attention quickly turned from drawing to illusion—from making things appear on a page to disappearing into thin air. Prior to that fateful day in the cafeteria, he practiced a card trick for 8 months, all the while, also teaching himself to speak.

In college, Sean’s faith collided with the “real world” of academic atheism. For a period of time, he was sucked in, doubting and questioning God.  But, the same faith that taught him to speak and perform, led him to realize he was fully focused on knowledge and not on belief. Sean shares, “I felt I needed to ‘know,’ but then I realized I didn’t have to know—all I had to do was believe.  That was when I knew I was called to be a minister of the Gospel.  From that point to today, I work to use the gifts God has given to reach people for Him.”

Focusing more and more on his talents for illusion, Sean created an effect used by many professional magicians today, which made his name a staple in the world of creative magic. This led him to Las Vegas where he studied alongside some of the greatest names in magic, as well as catching the attention of audiences. Sean’s experience there heightened his interest, as well as his work ethic and discipline. But the true epiphany came when Sean realized he could combine illusion with the one reality he was even more passionate about—sharing the gospel of Jesus with everyone he could.

In December of 2012, Sean once again proved his individuality and creativity to the world when he proposed to his wife, Andrea, using magic. A personal moment intended to only be seen by family and friends became a viral video when posted on YouTube, racking up 500,000 views in just one week. The video was shown on major online news sites such as Yahoo, CBS, The Huffington Post, and The Sun before catching the attention of Good Morning America, where Sean and Andrea appeared in an on-screen interview. Their proposal has now appeared on TV and online in 6 continents. The couple was married in 2013.

Whether you experience Sean’s magic and ministry during one of his own outreach events or working with Brock Gill, his long-time mentor and friend, as a member of Caliber Outreach, Inc., once you see him for yourself, you’ll know one thing: Though trained and skilled in the art of illusion, his heart is all about the Truth.

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