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Dr. Graham Lacey


Graham Lacey

Born in England in 1948, he commenced business on his own account at age fifteen. He has served on the boards of twenty seven publicly listed companies in five countries. Dr. Lacey has now dedicated himself to activities that have eternal spiritual dimension.

Dr. Lacey was the executive producer of the award-winning “A Worldwide Christmas Celebration” and is the executive producer of “The Millennium Chorus”. He produced a television special on Mother Theresa. He also compiled the book entitled, My Favorite Hymn.

A confidant of many leading evangelist and lay preacher alike, he has been and active enabler for the cause of Christ in numerous countries around the world. Lacey holds an honorary Doctorate in International Law, which was conferred on him in 1986.

Dr. Lacey is married to Susan, and they have two sons – Luke and James. They reside in the Isle of Man in the British Isles.

“In my lifetime, I have met leaders from every area: politics, military, religion, sports, business, and the arts. Graham Lacey is the giant essential leader. No one individual has made the impact on my life and vision as has my dear friend Graham Lacey. I have learned more from him than any other man. He has done more than anyone else to make SLU 301, London a reality.” — Dr. Jay Strack

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