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SLU 301

Important 2024 Registration Options


You have two options for registering you and your students for SLU 301. Either is fine with us – we just want you to be able to do what is best and easiest for you. Either option below will ensure your groups are put on the same bus and in the same hotel as long as you fill in the same group name during registration.

  • Register as one Group via our online form: This means your church/organization is paying SLU for everyone in your group. You can only register this way through our online form. You will need to download and fill out this spreadsheet completely for each member of your group and submit in the provided portal. Please note that you will be held accountable for the registration terms if you register this way (even though you don’t “sign” the terms as you do on our registration site). Go here to make sure you understand the trip terms. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].
  • Register as an Individual or Family through our website: You will choose this option if everyone in your group is paying separately. We can still keep your group together on the same bus and at the same hotel, but you don’t have to handle the payments as a group. Just have your students enter the same group name when prompted so we know to keep you together.

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