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Remedy: The Cure For The Common Part 1

Remedythe cure for the common

How to Think, Dream, and Lead like Jesus (part 1)

Over the next several months, Leadership Rocks will embark on its fifth year of helping students experience the reality that Leadership Begins at the feet of Jesus. One of my favorite aspects of the preparatory stages is fleshing out the theme, rather the idea that will be unpacked over the course of each weekend.

The purpose of each conference is three-fold: experiencing Scripture Christ-centered worship leadership development. It is our hope to facilitate an experience where the student can have a defining moment in their daring adventure of following Jesus, or fall at His feet for the very first time. In uncertain times with uncertain outcomes we need a Remedy, a cure for the common we need to know how to Think, Dream, and Lead like Jesus.

Therefore over the next several weeks I will be writing about how one Thinks, Dreams, and Leads from a Christ-centered perspective.

The phrase think Christianly is one that resonates with my worldview because for me it means to filter everything about my life through my identity in Christ. The question then is how does one go about thinking Christianly in an ever-growing counter Christian environment? The only way to succeed is to see the world through the grid of Scripture. Based on 2 Timothy 3:14-17 the Bible impacts the believer in five ways:

I instructs in truth profitable for doctrine (useful for teaching)
mankinds sin for reproof (rebuking)
P points toward repentance for correction
A ability to know righteousness for instruction in righteousness (training in righteousness)
C completely prepares so that the man of God may be complete
T the life lived Gods way thoroughly equipped for every good work. (so that all Gods people may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.)

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