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My SLU Story: Abi Howell

Today's #MySLUStory features one of our inspiring SLU alumni, Abi Howell, who has found a platform to reach and connect with other teenage girls living out their faith and sharing the joys of life. We love what she is doing—sharing everything from devotionals and book recommendations to travel tips and fashion advice- and are excited that she has graciously allowed us to share her story and a recent post from her blog.

Abi Howell is currently a junior in high school and has attended SLU 101, 201, and 301 as a student- she's also one of our current SLU Student Ambassadors! Abi describes herself as a “lover of family, cowboy boots, and monograms.” She recently started “The Counting It All Joy Blog" as a place for teenage girls to read and share about the small things in life that bring joy. Abi's motivation for her blog came from the people she met at SLU.  While at SLU 301, Abi was challenged by other students around her who were actively living out their faith and thought, “I already have a platform; why don’t I leverage that influence to help other girls like me?”

Here's an excerpt from Abi's post: “The 5 Books Every Girl Needs to Read

For about fifteen years of my life I HATED to read! No, that would be putting it lightly. I would rather do just about anything than read.

Then one day I began my leadership journey with Student Leadership University. I heard one of the best quotes from one of the people that I look up to. The quote was this:

“You will be the same person five years from now except for the people you meet, the places you go, the books you read, and the Scripture you memorize.” -Dr. Jay Strack

God used both that quote and SLU to inspire me to read.

“Leaders are readers.” -Unknown

I’m still not, nor have I ever been, a big fiction reader. I read what is required of me in school and that’s about all the fiction I intake.

My heart has a burden for ladies like me to put down those romance novels long enough to dive into some books that encourage us to grow closer to Christ.  I don’t think that all fiction is bad.  I don’t think that you should necessarily stop reading it.  What I’m asking is that you would also pick up some books written by Christian women with a desire to encourage us, as younger women, in our walk with Christ.

Abi has compiled a list of books that mark a good starting point for you to dive into from books that she has read and felt gave her encouragement in all areas of her walk with Christ.  Find her list here and read more from the blog.

If you're an SLU alumni, we’d love to hear more about your journey and dream! You can submit your SLU story here.

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