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It’s Been a Moment, Here is How I Feel

The days give less and more it takes

Trails of tears our nation makes

From declaration and freedom declare

To self-destruction and images of despair

God hits straight lines with crooked sticks

But sometimes he lets crooked nations get sick

A dream and vision of what could be

Yet original sin is all we see

Brits burned our house but still it stood

Then evil broke the windows pretending to be good

Where we at o’ people of faith

What happened to our table of grace

Did we devolve to voices lost in a wilderness of greed

Are we voices of posers that got nothing we need

This story is bad, these narratives gone sour

Gone the days of apolitical power

Pretending Jesus always got our backs

As long as our logic can defend attacks

A new way must arise from the ashes of wrong

A new day dawning with melody of new song

The everyday idealist we need you now

Point the way, show us the how

In the ashes of idols is a great place to believe

A way forward only God could conceive

Reds and blues you can’t own our fate

We follow the Rabbi who makes crooked get straight


A new myth, let us resolve and foretell

A story born out of the redemption spell

A poem by Brent Crowe

If you want to hear more about how we can respond as leaders to the riots at the Capitol, take a minute to listen to our latest episode on the Chasing Elephants podcast. 

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