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Getting to Know You: Part 3

For the past few weeks, we have walked through the D.I.S.C. personality assessment tool. D.I.S.C is a tool used to measure your personality and behavior style. As we’ve discussed, this particular assessment focuses on specific traits and behaviors of individuals. It does not measure intelligence, aptitude, mental health, or values. The primary purpose of the D.I.S.C. profile is to describe how people act in various situations. For example, based on your profile, you will better understand how you respond to challenges, how you best influence others, and how you view systems, rules, and direction. We know that D.I.S.C. is broken up into four measures, each representing 4-types of behaviors (D.I.S.C.) and two distinct categories: (1) outgoing or easy-going and (2) task-oriented or people-oriented.

GOING DEEPER: Last week, we walked through the outgoing behaviors: – Dominant/Direct and I – Inspire/Influence/Interactive. For part 3, we will look at the two personalities that are considered easy-going behaviors: – Steady/Supportive and C – Correct/Calculated. 

S: Steady/Supportive – These are people who are both easy-going and people-oriented. They are great listeners, team players, friendly, understanding, and considerate of others. The S personality is known as the one who usually focuses on preserving relationships and creating or maintaining peace and harmony. They tend to be extremely loyal and tolerant. Some characteristics of an S are that they can be shy, servants, and submissive. S personalities love to support others; however, they also do not like change!

FUN FACT: Some famous people who would be considered an S personality are Captain America from the Avengers, Chewbacca from Star Wars, and Abraham from the Bible. Think about it, each one of those characters 100% have an S personality!! What about you? For those of you who would consider yourself an S, are you an easy-going, people-oriented individual? If so, what would you say are some pros and cons of your personality type? Be honest and jot down a few answers. 

As you reflect on the pros and cons, here are a few healthy tips on leading yourself well as an S:

  1. Because maintaining harmony is so vital, S’s thrive in conflict-free settings and will avoid potential disagreements. Use your voice and speak up about your concerns. You just might be surprised just how much people will listen to you when you speak.
  2. Most S personalities prefer to follow instead of leading. They don’t often aspire to roles of authority. Stretch yourself and set aside your insecurities. Step up, step out, and step into more leadership roles. You can do it!
  3. S’s personalities are often very systematic. They love to work within procedures and don’t stray too far from their typical day to day routine. I want to encourage you. Don’t allow your fears to cause you to miss out on the joy of discovering new things. 

Last but certainly not least, we’re going to look at our analytical and conscientious brothers and sisters. They are the C on the D.I.S.C. personality profile. 

C: Correct/Calculated – These are people who are both easy-going and task-oriented. They are individuals who are factfinders and precise. They hold a high standard for quality and efficiency. They are extremely thorough in all activities. Before making a move, C’s must first gather, analyze, test, and critique ALL OF THE DATA! The personality is known for always abiding by rules and regulations. They pay close attention to details. They thrive when they are allowed to be meticulous, thoughtful, and conservative decision-makers.

FUN FACT: Some famous people who would be considered a personality are Black Widow from the Avengers, Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, and Moses from the Bible. Would you agree with those comparisons? What about you? For those of you who consider yourself a C, are you an easy-going, task-oriented individual? If so, what would you say are some pros and cons of your personality type? Just like the other personalities, be honest and jot down a few answers!

As you reflect on the pros and cons, here are a few healthy tips on leading yourself well as a C:

  1. C’s have incredibly high standards. You must recognize the truth that no one is perfect. Try having more realistic expectations for others. You just might be surprised how well people respond to you. 
  2. FACT: Your desire for accuracy gives you an upper hand on quality. HOWEVER: Life requires movement, so try not to get stuck in being perfect. Sometimes good enough might just be…good enough. 
  3. C’s frequently respond to situations from the head, not the heart. Be open to leading and living in moments where decisions are made that defy conventional wisdom or logic. Sometimes a little spontaneity can unlock a level of creativity that you did not know existed.

BOTTOMLINE: The million-dollar question many will ask, “Is one personality better than the other?” The million-dollar answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! What makes our world beautiful and unique is the ability to embrace diversity. Understanding yourself and others will ultimately help you be the best version of yourself, but it will also help as a leader to know how to interact best, inspire, and influence others! Be the best you and appreciate the best in others! Remember, in God’s eyes; we are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

“The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example!” – Coach John Wooden

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