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Dream Poem

Dr. Jay wanted you to see a remarkable expression of an overflowing heart that fully understood the Dream session.  A remarkable young lady named Lanie Dean sends this and we wanted to share this with you.

PS. this would be a great time for you to look back in your syllabus at page 32 on the Dream Session and look at your dream too. Write down 4-5 sentences about your dream and post it on your social media page!


By: Lanie Dean

Dream. A word that can hold so much in its five little letters. Dream. Several small syllables that contain the hope, inspiration, and future of thousands. Dream. One word. Millions of definitions.

A Dream- where the future begins.

If dreams died there would be no “new.” Creativity would be slammed on by the brake.

A dreamer. A fighter. One giver. One receiver.

A Dream- where the future begins.

Without dreamers there would be no present. If people stopped dreaming then they might stop living. The power of hope. The power of a dream. Un-limitless. Inspiring.

Amazing. God-given.

A Dream- where the future begins.

Hundreds of possibilities. Thousands full of potential. Millions of grace filled, hope soaked, joy driven dreams. Abstract, eternal, forever and more.

A Dream- where the future begins.

Those who live life empty of dreams will glide. But those who dream and live life will soar into the wide, open sky. Freeing. Hope-filled. Challenging. Joy.

A Dream- where the future begins.

What is your dream?

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