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A Red Letter Brand part 2

Give, and it will be given to you. Read Luke 6:37-38

The above verse comes at the tale end of a section of one of Jesus most important sermons focused on Christian love and charity (6:27-38). It is interesting that Jesus standard regarding our disposition and actions towards our enemies, and others, is like is His own towards all of us sinners: love your enemies we were enemies of God and He sent Jesus into the world; turn the other cheek Jesus allowed himself to be beaten repeatedly so that by His stripes we may be healed. The previous verse offers an imperative along with the one in the present verse: forgive (37) and give (38). These are to be continuous actions that should characterize the overall brand of the Christian. What makes this passage particularly fascinating is that it comes with a principle of return: your actions (not judging, not condemning, forgiving, and giving) will be returned to you in the same manner:

  • good measure a measurement that is in accordance with Gods generosity
  • pressed down like grain in a measuring container that is pressed down so that the fullest amount possible fills the container
  • shaken together the container is then shaken together to further make room for more grain
  • running over the container is filled to the fullest extent so that there is a rounded heap at the top where grain is overflowing the container
  • will be poured out into your lap picture someone in bible days wearing a robe or long outer garment. They would often times fold the outer garment from their sandals to their waste-line making it like a big pocket (in which they could carry something as large as a lamb or a child).

Dr. Luke concludes by describing how the Christians behavior towards others directly impacts Gods behavior towards them. How is all this to be understood? God wants to pour out his blessing, good measure that is pressed, shaken and running over, right into our laps and the only thing that can prevent that is the face staring back at me every morning in the mirror.

Prayer of Commitment: Lord Jesus, thank you that you desire to bless my life. I recognize your blessing is generous and overflowing. Therefore, I commit to not be judgmental and condemning and to forgive and give generously. I ask you to help my motivation be a desire to imitate you first, understanding that only then will I be a life worthy of your blessing.

By Brent Crowe (Follow Brent on Twitter)

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