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A Charge for a People of the Highest Good

We are a people of the highest good.

We are a people made pilgrims because of

God’s greatest good.

And so we wander onward achieving

because we have been approved.

We’ve been changed inward, so we move


Achieving things that make the good Father


Serving well because we have been captured

by the wonder of the Savior.

Our journeys are not paved with good


But accomplishments that stand as memorials

to grace.

We are a people of action.

We set goals.

We dream dreams.

We articulate vision.

We waste not the moments at hand, for they

will never be here again.

The journey is long, and shortcuts are for

the naïve.

The standard that governs us cannot be

downloaded or purchased.

The standard that governs can only be

understood as a response, an offering.

And one that will be made time and

again by those bound for the heaven


By those clothed in grace,

By those motivated by love,

By those determined to live well.

Why? One may ask . . .

Because grace—

Yeah, because grace understood demands

more and never less.

An excerpt from Moments ‘Til Midnight. 

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