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12 Leadership Decisions for 2012

I seriously think resolutions are overrated, underwhelming, and usually a bit self-centered. If anything the term resolution has been diluted to the point that resolve has been replaced with half-hearted hope that has failed before ever leaving the starting gate. I am big on goal setting and decision-making, as it seems these two disciplines yield more action than regret. With that in mind, the following are 12 leadership decisions for 2012:

Go on the hunt for a great idea. Great leaders are fascinated with great ideas. They chase them like a hunter seeking out its kill as if his life depended upon it. Once the idea is obtained, the leader becomes an evangelist for it spreading the news wherever he or she can. In other words the consumption of a great idea should always lead to one being contagious about the idea.

Attempt something where the odds of failure are better than success. Failure is the underrated teacher in the curriculum of our lives. It often our teacher and is remembered more than our successes. Those who never fail are probably those who never dared to dream and imagine what could be no matter the odds.

Set family goals. Married, single, father, son, mother, daughter, brother, or sister. Whatever family role you may find yourself in make sure to set goals that contribute directly to the health of your family. After all, this is one of the primary manners in which God is expanding His kingdom.

Set vocational or educational goals. In the workforce or on campus how will you move forward in 2012? Consider these two thoughts: Your education should contribute to preparing you for your vocation. Your vocation (which comes from the same root word as calling) should contribute to being salt and light as well as serving a need in society.

Set physical goals. Run a race, complete a program, join a class, go on a diet but do something to advance your physical condition. Physically fit people are able to sleep, work, and play better than those who pound cheeseburgers and drink soft drinks on a regular basis.

Set spiritual goals. Dont just say, I am going to have my quiet time everyday. Rather set specific goals like: I am going to read through the book of John in the month of February or I am going to fast from television for a week to pray for ____________ or I am going to pray for five people by name every Tuesday. In other words make it measurable and attainable. Remember that measured results are the gateway to immeasurable rewards.

Read, write or research everyday. These three disciplines enable mental health and mental toughness. In a day and age when we tire and get discouraged easily this decision will give you stamina and help make you a competent leader.

Become a world-leading expert in something. Each summer Pat Williams, Senior VP of the Orlando Magic, teaches the students at SLU that they can become a world leading expert in a subject if they read the right five books (in other words primary sources). Remember it is better to read three pages of Plato than three hundred pages about Plato.

Change someones world. Many want to eradicate homelessness, hunger, slavery or trafficking. These are significant causes close to the heart of God and will take a movement to eradicate from the face of our planet. A movement often times starts with one person realizing and acting. A great place to start changing the whole world is to begin with one life. As pastor Andy Stanley says, Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.

Ask God for a miracle. The greatest of miracles in our time is when lost people get found in Jesus. The rescuer has come and so we must go and lead others to the feet of Jesus. In 2012, I challenge you to pray for someone by name who does not have a relationship with God that they would come face to face with Jesus.

Strategically and routinely escape digital chaos. We live in a world of white noise surrounded by technology that is supposed to help us communicate better and work faster. We tweet, Facebook, blog, watch live streams and can video chat with anyone on the planet. It will require decision and discipline to escape the connectedness of a digital age to get more connected with the Father of the ages. Take time to unplug and retreat and get alone with God and meditate on His goodness.

Measure success by lasting results and relationships. It doesnt cheapen the Gospel to measure results, but results can never be measured divorced from relationships. I believe all of our comings and goings of 2012 can and should be measured through specific productivity and healthy relationships.

By Brent Crowe (Twitter)

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