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Jill McBroom

SLU Program Coordinator

Jill McBroom

Jill has lived in the metro-Atlanta area for her entire life, and has just recently moved down south to Orlando. She attended SLU 101, 201, and 301 as a student. She was formed into who she is today as she grasped year by year her passion for pouring into the younger generations and watching them become who God has created them to be. She remained involved with SLU throughout her college years by interning with the team before joining the team full time on staff.

Jill graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Business with a cognate in Project Management, and a minor in Psychology. For the majority of her time in Virginia, she worked on the Event Staff of the Student Activities Department at the University. This job really allowed her to see more of her love for planning and executing events that serve a purpose in the lives of others.

She enjoys spending her time in many ways. She loves spending time outside in the sun, whether that be on a walk or reading by the pool. She loves good stories, especially Christian allegories. Another thing she rather enjoys is finding a local favorite, whether that may be a coffee shop or a breakfast spot, so she can spend some quality moments there with her husband, Clay, or her friends.

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