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SLU 101

Orlando, FL

June 19 - 22, 2023

SLU 101 provides a year’s worth of leadership development in just 4 days. This dynamic experience allows attendees to learn from world-class thought leaders in creative and participatory environments inside and outside of the conference room. SLU teaches each student practical and relational life skills to change the way they think, dream and lead at the feet of Jesus.

Places You'll Go

Sea World

Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios

What You'll Experience

  • All-Inclusive 4-Day/3-Night Stay in a Business Hotel
  • Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Experiences at Sea World
  • Rules and Tools of Leadership from World-Class Communicators
  • Worldview Development from Leading Christian Apologists
  • An Afternoon of Roller Coasters at Renowned Theme Parks
  • Business Leadership Lessons from Top Level Executives
  • Personality Assessment and Time and Goal Management


Dr. Jay Strack

SLU President & Founder

Brent Crowe, Ph.D.

SLU Vice President

Jeff Wallace, Ph.D.

SLU Chief Strategic Officer

Alisa Childers

Author, Speaker & Worldview Expert

Megan Fate Marshman

Author & Speaker

Pat Williams


Pricing Info:

SLU 101 Orlando Pricing
Fall Special
Register by November 18th
Early Bird Price
Register by March 24th
Discount Price
Register by May 19th
Regular Price
After May 19th

Important Registration Notes:

Deposit and Rooming Information:

Please note that a non-refundable deposit of $100 is due at the time of registration.  Pricing is based on 4 persons per room. Rooms with less than 4 persons will be charged a rooming fee of $100 for each empty spot.

Travel Protection:

Travel protection can be purchased for an additional cost based on the conference rate directly through Travel Insured through the link on the Travel Protection Page.  This is new as you no longer need to purchase this through SLU at the time of registration.

What's Included:

The registration price includes all meals, session materials, rooming and lodging, and upon arrival at the hotel, transportation to and from experiences included in the conference. Students must stay onsite at the hotel in order to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule at SLU 101?

Click here for a tentative schedule!

What are the age requirements for SLU 101?

To participate as a single, a student must be at least 15 years old. To participate with a group, students should be at least 14 years old and going into 8th grade.

What are the dress guidelines for SLU 101?

As we train young leaders, we want them to grasp the importance of dressing appropriately for the environment and maintaining an appearance that honors Christ and exemplifies the “Look of a Leader”. As you are preparing and packing, know that the general vibe of the conference is that attendees dress nicer for the conference sessions and more casually for the theme parks.

SLU strives to train students in such a way that they will have the confidence and wisdom to walk into any room and be prepared for whatever is before them. We believe that how you present yourself is a vital part of that. To set our attendees up for success, we have established a few guidelines that will help everyone dress for the occasion.

  • Leaders will ensure that their shirts fully cover the front, back, sides and shoulders and are not overly tight. Sleeveless tops are suitable as long as the strap is wide enough that it covers the shoulders.
  • Leaders will ensure that their shorts, skirts, skorts and dresses are an appropriate length, are not overly short (think fingertip length or longer), and do not draw unwanted attention to any part of the body.

These dress guidelines apply to all parts of the conference experience – sessions, meals, park time, free time etc., and applies to both students and adult leaders. If anyone chooses to dress outside of these guidelines, he/she will be asked to change. We know that the same item of clothing can look differently on different people, so we have established these guidelines to empower our attendees to make wise choices for themselves as they prepare for the conference. If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out!

How are students roomed together at SLU 101?

As part of the registration process, both groups and singles must submit a rooming list no later than 45 days before the program.


Tuition rates are based on four people sharing a room. If you are unable to fill a room completely, you may request that SLU fill those empty spots with another student(s). If SLU is unable to fill the room, additional charges will apply (see empty fee price above). You may be billed for this after the final payment date, as necessary. Rollaway beds are not available.


SLU will automatically place you in a room with up to three other student attendees of the same gender based on the following guidelines:

  • Rooms may not be co-ed unless both attendees are members of the same family.
  • One individual student under 18 cannot be in a room by themselves.
  • SLU will not room an under-18 student with anyone over 18 if they are not from the same group.

If a parent is not attending the conference but would like to stay in the room with their student, you may pay the applicable empty spot fees to buy out the room. You may request this on the rooming list form after registering.

Can an adult with my group at SLU 101 stay in the hotel but not attend the conference?

Sure! On the rooming list, make sure you include their name(s) and that they are not attending the conference. We will charge a $100 fee to cover that hotel stay ($113 for Winter Week). If all four spots in a room are not filled, you will also be responsible for an additional $100 fee per empty spot ($113 for Winter Week). Please note that to qualify for the group rate, at least one adult per group must be a participating attendee.

If I know other individuals who are attending and want to room with them, is that allowed?

If you know other individuals who are attending the same week as you, you may request to room together by filling out the rooming list and including each individual’s name. Each attendee must fill out a rooming list. You will receive the rooming list via email after registration.

I am flying to SLU 101. Is transportation provided to/from the airport?

Groups/Families/Individuals (students over the age of 18) are responsible for their own transportation between the airport and the hotel. Once you arrive at the hotel, transportation to/from the parks is included with the conference registration.

For singles (students under the age of 18), an SLU team member will meet students at the baggage claim areas for the respective airlines on which they are flying. The name and contact number for this person will be provided a week before the event. For this purpose, flight information should be booked to land before 2:00PM and has to be submitted to SLU by the deadline. Due to TSA regulations, we are unable to meet students at the gate. We are not able to accept unaccompanied minors flying on any airline. Students will be put on a Marriott Airport shuttle service by 2:30PM with other program participants and will be transported to the program hotel. At the end of the week at approximately 1:00pm, students will be put on a Marriott Airport shuttle with other program participants and transported back to the airport.

I am driving to SLU 101. Will I need to pay for parking?

Self-parking is complimentary for the SLU group. You should plan on parking your vehicle and not using it till the last SLU session is completed.

Do I need to bring a Medical Release Form?

GROUPS: Group leaders must bring a medical release form for any minors attending without a parent/guardian and keep those forms with you at all times during the program. Medical release forms must empower your group leader (not SLU) to authorize medical treatment for the students you are bringing to the program.

SINGLES: Any student attending without a chaperone must complete the SLU Medical Release Form during the online registration process.

What do I do when I arrive at the hotel on Day 1 of SLU 101?

Registration is from 1:00PM-3:00PM on Day One. You will check in at the SLU table to pick up both your room keys and conference materials. You will need to have filled out the online Liability Form prior to your arrival on site. This document can be found here.

Please note that hotel rooms are not guaranteed to be available until 3:00PM.

What should I do about meals if I have dietary restrictions or food allergies?

If you have special dietary restrictions or food allergies, they should be submitted to SLU no later than 45 days before the program begins. If something comes up after registration, you can update your registration information up to 15 days before the program begins. Please be sure to offer specifics on what you cannot eat and what can be substituted. We will make every effort to accommodate, but there may be certain times when this is not possible. We recommend that you bring prepared foods or snacks with you that are compliant with your dietary needs.


How does CSU receive confirmation of completion of SLU 101?

Once you complete SLU 101, we will send your name directly to CSU’s admissions office.  There is no need for you to do anything to confirm your SLU 101 attendance.

What is the payment schedule and what payment options are available?

A $100 deposit is due at the time of registration, and the remaining balance is due 45 days before the program begins. Any registration not paid in full by this day will incur a $25 late fee. You have the following options for your registration payments:

  • Paper Checks: You can mail these to our office (SLU, 1560 North Orange Ave, Suite 200, Winter Park, FL 32789). Checks must be received within ten days of registration.
  • Credit Cards: You can use AMEX, VISA, MC, or Discover. A 3% transaction fee will be added to any credit card payments.

What is the cancellation policy for SLU 101?

Cancellation Policy:

  • 45 days or more before the conference: Deposit will be lost. (Deposit may be transferred to a new attendee for the current year and same program but cannot be transferred to anyone currently registered.)
  • 30-44 days before the conference: 50% of the total cost of the program will be forfeited.
  • Less than 30 days before departure: 100% of the total cost of the program will be forfeited.

Transfer Policy: (you may replace current attendee with a new attendee for the same program)

  • 15 days or more before the conference: No transfer fee
  • Less than 15 days before conference: Transfers will incur a $10 fee

Please note: If circumstances regionally or globally necessitate a transition from a live event, the SLU team will communicate whether this event will be transitioned to a virtual event, rescheduled, or cancelled.  In this circumstance, the event deposit is still non-refundable.

To cancel or transfer a registration, please email [email protected].

Should I purchase travel protection for SLU 101?

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel protection as SLU prepays all hotels, meals, transportation, etc., 30 to 120 days before the conference. Therefore, we cannot pass a refund on to you other than as noted on the registration page. Click here for more information on travel protection. Travel protection must be purchased through the portal before the final payment deadline for the trip or before you make the final payment for the trip (whichever date comes first); you cannot add it after this date.

In light of the current events, are there any health guidelines of which program attendees should be aware?

As we approach this event, our collective desire is to host you in the more traditional format that was familiar to all of us pre-Covid without masks or social-distancing requirements. Yet, we acknowledge that local, state, and national regulations may necessitate a format change or transition. In the event of this, the SLU Team will stay in communication with you if any updates need to be made.  In the meantime, here are some  guidelines to take note of.

  • Be a Good Neighbor: Attendees should stay home if feeling unwell or have been exposed to someone with COVID in the past 5 days.
  • So you can arrive feeling prepared, here is what happens should an attendee get sick while on site:
    • Separate the person from others.
    • Separate anyone that has been exposed to the symptomatic individual.
    • Notify SLU.
    • Gather their belongings and send them home.

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