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SLU 301

Important 2023 Registration Information


SLU 301 Registration will open by the middle of September 2022 once flights have been books and final prices are set.

Note on Pricing: Final pricing is determined by flights, touring cost, and viability of open borders in the UK and France. We will begin posting bi-monthly updates starting September 2, 2022 to stay in communication with you until the 2023 pricing can be posted and registration opened. To give attendees an idea of pricing so you can begin fundraising and saving now, SLU 301 pricing is typically within a $300 range of previous years. In 2022, pricing for SLU 301 was as follows:

  • Base Price for 2022: this ranged from $2349 to $2489 depending on when you registered and if you were a student or chaperone.
  • Flight Price For 2022: SLU typically offers 3 to 4 flight options per year.  In 2022, we offered flights out of Atlanta ($1695), Dallas ($1365), New York ($995 & 1095), and Washington Dulles ($1165).  2022 flight costs are noted in parenthesis.

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